Nisco’s vision

Nisco ApS

Nisco is a joint venture between AM Nutrition (Norway) and Nakskov Mill Foods (Denmark). AM Nutrition produces protein, starch and fibre ingredients that are air-fractionated from yellow peas. Nakskov Mill Foods produces a  broad range of breakfast cereals. Both companies are experienced food  suppliers.

Nisco’s vision is to develop and supply natural, healthy and sustainable food ingredients to the food- and foodservice industry, based on sustainable raw material and sustainable processes.

Why peas?

Like other pulses peas (Pisum Sativum) play an important role in healthy nutrition and environmental sustainability. Peas are rich in high biological value protein, dietary fiber, medium-low glycaemic starch and a number of essential minerals and vitamins.

Moreover, from an environmental point of view, peas are important drivers for fertilizing the soil and are used in crop rotation as part of integrated farming practices, especially wheat crop rotation. Peas have a low carbon footprint, and pea crops require less water than other animal protein sources and soybeans.

Peas have been part of the human diet for thousands of years. However, in a proteindeficient world where there is a growing need for healthy and sustainable food ingredients, the importance of peas as a sustainable crop is increasing all the time.