AM Nutrition enters into a joint venture with Nakskov Mill Foods in the area of extruded pea products.

We are pleased to announce that AM Nutrition enters into a joint venture with Nakskov Mill Foods as per the first of April 2018. The name of the joint venture is Nisco ApS.

The aim of the joint venture is to benefit from the strengh of combining knowledge about our core products of natural sustainable ingredients and obtain a strong position as a preferred supplier within this rapidly growing business area.


As a consequence of the joint venture, the sales of the whole range of extruded products from AM Nutrition will be taken over by Nisco. At the same time Nisco will launch a new developed meat analogue based on pea protein concentrate. Nakskov Mill Foods will continue (as now) to produce our products on a contract basis, but now for Nisco.


Nisco has appointed Mr. Christian Sohl as the sales manager. Our customer service manager Ms. Dorthe Jensby will continue as the customer service manager for Nisco.

Business manager Mr. Thomas Eskildsen will support Nisco with various services and besides work with other business areas for AM Nutrition.


Nakskov Mill Foods (www.nmfoods.dk) is a member of the Danish privately owned KOFF group.

AM Nutrition (www.am-nutrition.no) is a subsidiary of the Norwegian agro cooperative Felleskjøpet Rogaland Agder (FKRA), Stavanger.

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Extruded products

Extruded products

Our Peatex® products are based on dry yellow peas, prepared by the use of extrusion cooking technology. As a result, the products have excellent binding capacities.

It is a healthy and cost effective alternative ingredient for manufacturers of meat and poultry products such as minced meat and sausages. The production is BRC, Halal, Kosher and organic certified.